Pieces of interior with history
Enjoy the architecture of the Ancient Rome,(while?) staying at home. We create our interior items, basing on the history finest.
Charmed by the ancient Rome Pantheon's architecture, we created one for your home.
Each Pantheon is carefully handcrafted by us from the gypsum. The eco-friendly gypsum.
We put in some time and work, so you can enjoy your time, spent next to our products.
Konstantin Poshekhontsev
Memories of a trip to Rome inspired me to create a product based on the Roman Pantheon. An interior piece that you will enjoy every day
Two Pantheons
два Пантеона отлично смотрятся и образуют половину купола.
88 €
99 €
one Pantheon
Используйте, вместе со свечой, ложе для украшений или как подставку для книг.
55 €
57 €
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